The Irish Digital Consumer Report 2013

As a planner, a good chunk of my time is spent collating & interpreting relevant stats, to help Irish brands understand what Irish consumers are doing in a digital sense.

With such a wealth of info out there, I took on a little project in my spare time, and collated some of these into the first ‘Irish Digital Consumer Report’.

Inside, you’ll find

  • information on how Irish people use Twitter & Facebook

  • the new networks that Generation X are flocking to in their droves

  • incredible stats on smartphone & 3G penetration in the Irish market

  • information on how we consume media, from music to print to T.V.

  • comment from myself, contextualising all of the above and much, much more.

Of course, it’s all free, and to download, you can either

Pay with a tweet by clicking below

or, email me for a copy at

Oh, and please feel free to share!

Info on the veracity of all stats is contained within.