The Irish Digital Outlook 2014

2013 was another incredible year for the Irish digital space, but what can we look forward to in 2014?

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After gaining good traction with my Irish Digital Consumer Report in September, I decided to take a ‘pulse check’ for the space, as we move into a new year. To do so, I’ve enlisted the help of over 20 Irish digital leaders, from tech journalists to agency planners to marketing managers to educators (no social media gurus/ninjas allowed!).

Inside the Irish Digital Outlook 2014, you’ll find renowned names like Niall Harbison, Alan Coleman, Jane Ruffino, Neil O’Gorman, Hugh Linehan and more discuss predictions, hopes and trends for next year. Many of the respondents also offer advice to those looking to further their career.

I’ve also given some of my own thoughts on what we’ll see in 2014, and there’s plenty in there to keep you excited and energised in dreary January.

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