The Irish Digital Consumer Report 2015

Irish Digital Consumer Report 2015

Since 2013, I’ve been putting together a yearly database of publicly available digital statistics for the Irish market as a personal project.

For 2015, the ‘Irish Digital Consumer Report’ is back, with more info from a wide variety of sources. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting to thumb through, but also, more importantly, very handy in your day to day work.

Nothing in here will give you the secrets to success with digital marketing, but something inside might spark a thought, convince someone else or put flesh around a digital strategy argument.

Inside, you’ll find

  • how Irish people young and old use social media, and their thoughts about the specific channels they use.

  • how our media consumption habits are shifting.

  • how addicted we are becoming to our smartphones and tablets

  • comment from myself, contextualising all of the above and much, much more.

As usual, it’s all free, and to download. You can either pay with a tweet by clicking below…

or email me for a copy on