The Irish Digital Consumer Report 2014

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In 2013, I decided to put together a little database for myself incorporating digital statistics for Ireland as a personal project.

That humble beginning grew into a fully fledged (albeit self created!) report which was downloaded over 6,500 times, and trended on Twitter twice. I also did something similar at the beginning of 2014, looking at key trends for the year.

This year, the ‘Irish Digital Consumer Report’ is back, with more info from a wide variety of sources for 2014. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting to thumb through, but also, more importantly, very handy in your day to day work.

Inside, you’ll find

  • information on how Irish people use social media, and their thoughts about the specific channels they use.

  • the most up to date stats on how our media consumption habits are shifting.

  • insights on smartphone usage in Ireland, and how we’re losing millions due to poor e-commerce understanding.

  • comment from myself, contextualising all of the above and much, much more.

As usual, it’s all free, and to download. You can either

pay with a tweet by clicking below

or, email me for a copy at