TAM Ireland Plannervision 2017 – The Goldilocks Approach To Television


This is the video of a presentation I gave at TAM Ireland’s Plannervision conference on 17th September, in which I look at a less biased, more effective approach to thinking about television. Apologies for the sound, you may need to turn up your headphones!

The crux of the argument is that it’s critically important that we as a broader industry are introspective, aware of our own biases and start to take a more integrated look at television and digital.

As the great psychologist Daniel Kahneman said: Humans have an almost unlimited ability to become blind to our own biases and ignorance’, and this has led to hyperbolic thinking around TV’s death. 

The Goldilocks approach to television is a theory that attempts to find a middle ground in the extremely polarising arguments that hamper the industry, to find a way through the bias and overconfidence.

Within the presentation, I give three examples of how this approach will benefit the industry.

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