When it comes to social media less is more…

We have a tendency as modern marketers to focus on volume. The presumption is that the more creative executions, more videos, more blogposts, more adverts we create, the better our results will be.

But more is not always better, particularly when it comes to social.

As much as we’d like it to be, our budget isn’t unlimited. Our job is to spend limited resources wisely, to understand our constraints and find ways to overcome them.

Previously, when organic reach was still achievable for all, it made sense for a brand to post 2-3 times daily. But that has changed. Most brands reach 1% of their Facebook fanbase, and with algorithmically driven feeds becoming part of Instagram and Twitter too, the organic approach is dying. Social is now categorically pay to play.

Thus, often little point putting a huge amount of effort into creating and manicuring a social post unless you’re paying to put it in front of people.

The problem used to be that we didn’t have enough social assets to push out. But now, a marketer’s main issue, whether they realise it or not, is often having too many assets and not enough media budget to get them placed in front of the right people.

The emphasis should be on creating less posts (thereby reducing production costs and time to create) but better optimising the things you do create, and ensuring that everything has at least some paid budget behind it. Brands no longer needs a constant stream of organic posts. Production budget should be more wisely spent in service of a bigger creative idea.

It’s easy to constantly create more without really understanding why you’re doing that. A more restrained approach is needed.

It sounds like a bit of a paradox given the need for brands to be ‘always on’, but otherwise you’re spreading your budget thin while also shouting into the black hole of the newsfeed.

Put the emphasis on doing less, but doing it better.