Irish marketing might be overlooking the best ‘omni channel’ retailer in the world

I truly believe that there’s a genius brand right here in Dublin’s fair city that we constantly overlook in the Irish marketing community. A brand that understands digital marketing, how to gain traction with social campaigns, and has a clear idea of the purchase path for their defined, specific user bullseye.

For all the talk of Red Bull, Coca Cola, Hubspot, Go Pro and the likes (myself included!), Paddy Power doesn’t get enough plaudits as a bold, innovative and smart strategic entity.

Cheltenham 2014

I’ve written on numerous occasions about how PP has transformed online gambling, almost single handedly, into an experience to be relished rather than revolted by. For Cheltenham 2014 (the biggest jumps meet of the year), they look to have executed another cracker.

Using parallax scrolling, responsive design, clean showcasing of sporting data and plenty of smart content from star jockey Ruby Walsh, the excellent Cheltenham site conforms to Paddy’s idea of becoming a gambler’s mate, rather than being seen as the big behemoth who takes your money.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 14.46.30

Along the fragmented path

In my day job recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of ‘omni channel’. Research from the likes of Google and McKinsey has shown that the way we purchase has now shifted from a previously linear, regimented ‘funnel’ model to a fragmented, multi touchpoint, non linear path.

For more on the shift from funnel to fragmented, see Google’s report here:

While this shift is hyper relevant for a retail brand, in actuality, when I think about it, betting is probably the best illustration of the trend, and Paddy Power the best demonstration of how to embrace this new normal.

‘Omni Channel’

Along with the above example of a standalone site, designed to engage and push users along the path towards parting with their money, the brand will use a responsive mobile site, P.R. stories, sponsorships, social channels, email newsletters, special ‘free bet giveaways’, print, billboard and T.V. and of course retail stores to maximise its exposure and profits for Cheltenham 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 15.12.59
A rather crude of example of PP’s Cheltenham 2014 ‘omni channel’ strategy. Ultimately, every touchpoint, either in a soft or a hard sell manner, drives users to the point of purchase.

An ecosystem of influence effects will make users feel closer to the brand and drive equity and awareness, while smart facilitation at every touchpoint seems to be the mantra, judging by the focus on offering fans exactly what they want at the right time (tips and news on the content part of the site, free bets and offers through email, small relevant, funny inserts into social newsfeeds).

If that’s not ‘omni channel’, I don’t know what is. Big up the lads and lassies in Power towers, you’re an inspiration to us all!

(Just don’t ever dive into geopolitics with an attention seeking looper again will you please?)