Links of the Week #84

Some light Bank Holiday reading and the best digital, tech, culture and advertising links of the week, according to yours truly!

1: Twitter’s product market fit issues

Ben Thompson’s Stratechery blog is a hive of smart insights. In this excellent read, the writer takes a look at why Twitter is reaching a crossroads, due in part to lucking out and hitting the jackpot, without understanding where to go next. Interesting times, because I fully believe Twitter actually has more targeted advertising potential than Facebook or Google, yet the user numbers aren’t reflecting that.

2: News brands are lagging behind in the mobile traffic boom

Mobile is eating the web as the cliched saying goes. Here are 6 illustrations of that if you don’t believe me.

And yet, with the Guardian, RTE, Irish Times and all seeing over 55% mobile site usage, some publishers are still lagging behind, still unsure of how to optimise their content for mobile and still using legacy CMS systems with outdated thinking. Good Digiday read on the fallacy of news brands not optimising for mobile.

3: Audience Network

What a few weeks it’s been for big blue. The f8 announcement of an app audience network is potentially a game changer (I hate that phrase by the way, but in this instance it’s relevant), the Oculus announcement came out of nowhere and revenue and active user numbers are growing, in stark contrast to Twitter. Here’s a round-up from Techcrunch with all you need to know about the new mobile ad opportunities.

4: How Bleacher Report gamified journalism

Whether you see it as a sustainable sports journalism model or a constant reminder of the decreasing intelligence levels in the same space, Bleacher Report is a huge pageview success story. BR relies heavily on amateur journalists contributing stories, and has worked out a pretty intelligent way to ‘gamify’ this process with badging. Good read, but is incentivising based upon page views really the right way to go? I’d have my reservations.

5: P.S. I love you brands 

Mentioned on Twitter this week that I’m getting a huge amount of value from Medium lately. Indeed, I’ve even attempted to add to that value!

Jim Walsh takes a closer look at brand publishing and storytelling, and examines why milennials are open to relationships with brands that add value and exude authenticity like Red Bull, but also State Farm.