Tracking ’16 – The Irish Digital Trends Outlook

Tracking '16 - Irish Digital Trends Outlook

So now that the Christmas excess is over and we’re all excited for a new year, what can we look forward to in 2016?

Last year, I decided to take a ‘pulse check’ for the Irish digital space. This year, ‘Tracking ’16’ will still use the tried and tested format of inserts from myself along with some of the smartest people in this area.

First of all, I’ve enlisted the help of 10 Irish digital leaders, including Martin O’Leary, Finian Murphy, Karen Hesse and Siobhan McGinty, and asked them one simple question –

‘What’s the one key media, marketing or technology trend that you feel will have the biggest impact on your industry in 2016?’

Secondly, there’s also a lot more original thoughts from me, including what I believe to be 11 vitally important business trends for this year, like

  • the rise of virtual reality
  • why social brands must look at atomisation and distribution
  • why friction removal is the only way forward
  • why ‘foodporn’ video will continue to grow

and more…

There’s certainly plenty in there to keep you excited and energised in dreary January.

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