Quantifying the native advertising opportunity in 2016…


The New York Times makes 20% of its revenue from it ($30-40 million).

Skift makes 30% of its revenue from it.

Gawker Media makes 33% of its revenue from it.

The world’s biggest media companies, including BuzzFeed, VICE Media, CNN, Forbes and WSJ are all growing internal studios for it.

Maximum Media Solutions hired over 40 journalists, designers, community managers and strategists in 2015 to cater for it.

The FTC in America has been forced to issue new guidelines for it.

Netflix, Costa Coffee, Nokia, Ford, GE, Mini and numerous others have invested in it.

Adblocking’s growth will mean more of it and it receives two times more visual focus than banners.

And globally, it’s expected to grow to a $21 billion market by 2018.

Still think native advertising and branded content is just a facile trend that will blow past?

Sure, there are plenty of ethical, measurement and journalistic elements to be worked out.

But this will be a huge opportunity for marketers and media in 2016.