Perrier launch another game changing digital experience

One of the most forward thinking digital brands around, Perrier have history when it comes to innovative, brand building campaigns, capitalising on a long legacy of great advertising before the digital era.

In 2012, the Dita Von Teese ‘Mansion’ campaign won headlines for its sexy slick production.

Last year, the brand devised an award winning YouTube campaign, ‘Le Club’, which helped to re-affirm the strong brand personality and engage with a younger demographic. ‘The hottest party of the Summer’ was the first YouTube brand campaign to change based on views, strongly encouraging repeat viewing because the content was not static.

Take a look at the case study here.

This time, Perrier is back with another ‘one of a kind’ campaign. Dubbed ‘Secret Place’, the concept takes the form of a secret party in Paris, where you can become one of 60 different characters. The aim is to search through an interactive, responsive party experience, unlocking secrets as you go, while players can follow characters from room to room to discover new clues and change the story.

As you go along, you realise the amount of work that must have gone into this. It seems like you’re always uncovering new events, and there are up to 80 minutes of content it seems, in which you’re constantly engaging with Perrier products. Now that’s what I call marketing gold.

Those that unlock secrets can enter for the chance to win trips to the Carnival in Rio, Ibiza in Spain, St. Tropez in France, Art Basel in Miami or New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

Combining gaming and social themes and constantly brand relevant, this is highly impressive, and, in my view, one of the best digital campaigns I’ve ever seen.

Take a look at the site here and play along.