A ‘marketing as utility’ case study from Nivea

I’ve spoken before about the power of marketing as utility. In an era in which the importance of ‘traditional’ advertising is being depreciated, brands are unsure where to place their media budget and cynicism is rife amongst the consumer base, creating value in your marketing efforts is key. This is the basic premise of content marketing after all.

Smart brands are taking ‘marketing as utility’ into the mainstream, creating products and apps, or fusing traditional ideas with a new purpose designed to make life a little bit easier for their consumers.

It’s certainly a powerful space to play in as, al else being equal, you’re more likely to go with a brand that has offered you something useful before.

Nivea have previous experience in ‘marketing as utility’, and this is a nice example of understanding existing behaviours (searching for tutorials on YouTube) and leveraging them.

As part of an overall campaign entitled ‘Wingman’ Nivea created a host of short YouTube vids designed to make men aware of simple ‘lifehacks’.

A really smart, simple campaign designed to increase brand equity in a novel way and to make men feel a little closer to the skincare brand.


Nivea have also channeled the ‘wingman’ campaign on their Facebook and Twitter channels too:

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 18.13.57

Here are some other fine examples of brands acting as facilitators by helping prospective customers out in a smart manner. How can you employ the ‘marketing as utility’ tactic for your brand? Get in touch and I might have a few ideas!

  • EE Tickets
  • Curated ticket finder service for Orange and T-Mobile customers.