Links of the Week #64

1: Evan Williams lays out his vision for Medium

Twitter co-founder and Ev Williams is also the founder of one of tech’s most interesting side projects, long form blogging site Medium. In an interview with TechCrunch, Williams outlines some of the major issues with the media industry at the moment, including the need to inject fairly low level news stories with hype, and discusses how he wants Medium to be an antidote to this, pushing forward revolutionary ideas instead of pumped up faux news and gossip. We’re dealing at the moment with an internet led media industry that’s running around like a headless chicken, either unsure where to invest, or pumping money into ‘pageview’ newsnomics. This piece is a smart decomposition of that culture, and a look towards the future.

2: Unpaid internships must be destroyed

Coincidentally, my second link is from Medium. Unpaid internships are so rampant in tech/digital that, for many companies, they’re part of a business model (I know that for a fact that one Irish agency uses rotating interns as account execs). I’ve long held major reservations about unpaid posts, including, most notably, the JobBridge scam. This elegantly animated post takes a look at a recent court case brought by a former intern/employee of Puff Daddy and what it may mean for the future of the internship.


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3: Kevin Spacey on the future of T.V.

As a producer and star of House of Cards, Netflix’ stable star and harbinger of doom for traditional media, Kevin Spacey is in a uniquely privileged position to cast a smart eye on the future of T.V.
At the recent ‘MacTaggart Lecture’ in Edinburgh, Spacey gave a speech which will potentially be looked back upon as a before its time and revolutionary. Touching on the end of T.V. as we know it, the continued rise of storytelling across all devices, and much more, this is a must watch if you’re involved in any media company, with particular relevance for print too.


4: 101 Signals

Wired Magazine puts together a list of the best reporters, writers & thinkers on the internet. Surprised I’m not there!

5: How to advertise on a porn website

US online food delivery service Eat24 has a notoriously rogue brand persona, and after realising that most of our internet usage is just porn anyway, decided to place some ads on well known blue sites.
This faux case study is actually a great insight into an overlooked potential opportunity for marketers.
I could see Paddy Power for example making hay with something like this. Would love to see it being raised in a board meeting though!