Links of the Week #61

1: GMail & Privacy

Google has caused an unintended shitstorm this week with the claim that ‘Gmail users have no legitimate expectation of privacy’. GigaOM take a look at why this claim may turn out to be a big deal…

2: Facebook’s Latest Updates Makes Way For Mobile Graph Search 

Nice piece of analysis from Quinton on the SZ blog as to where Google may take graph search next. The concept of having the ability to pay for cinema tickets etc from the app may prove to

3: How videos go viral on Twitter

Twitter have some excellent educational pieces on using the network on their blog, and this is another one. Taking a look at recent viral smash hits including Commander Hadfield Bowie cover, the piece illustrates that the way to ‘go viral’ differs based on what type of content you’re promoting.

4: Why you probably shouldn’t start a company…

Former Facebook Dustin Moskowitz offered some slightly sobering, but blatantly realistic advice for any prospective entrepreneurs this week, advocating against starting a company just for the sake of it. Must read for prospective startup peeps.

5: What do the best brand publishers have in common?

Nice piece from ‘The Content Strategist’ on the best way to engage fans with content.