Datapoints – Irish Digital Marketing Statistics & Insights 2014

Came across two great reports into Irish marketing and technology this week. Given the dearth of good research out there, new insight is always welcome!

Firstly, Brian Martin from Blueface passed on their excellent ICT Insight Report 2014. Using survey data to take an incisive look at the market, there are some interesting take-aways:

  • 40% of respondents use multi-user collaboration tools.
  • 55.6% of respondents said given a choice of 2 numbers (landline and mobile) they would call someone on a mobile.
  • There was a high number of respondents (70.9%) using computer-based telephony
  • software (ie. GoogleTalk, Skype, X-lite).

Download the full report here

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.13.46

Secondly, Amarach (well worth a follow on Slideshare) released MC2, a marketing outlook report for the Irish market in 2014.

The outlook seems to be positive, with growth expected, spend on digital to increase and inbound marketing to come to the fore. 34% expect a growth in content marketing in the next two years for example, representing a huge opportunity for agencies.

Social media engagement was seen as a key asset for increasing brand equity and loyalty, with, on average, 24% of marketing budget dedicated to digital. I’d be a little perturbed to see such an emphasis still being placed on CTR however – perhaps as a market, we need to change this ‘convert straight away’ thinking, towards more of a softer approach. Then again, maybe that’s easy for me to say, working in an agency.

The vast majority of respondents use social in house, while I found the 30% presence on G+ a huge figure. I’d wonder how many actually use the site regularly?

Take a look at the full report here.

Oh, and of course it would be blase of me not to include a mention for my own Digital Outlook 2014, which is now free to download