Betfair the latest brand to use Snapchat for marketing

With the What’s App acquisition hoovering up tech column inches, some of the lustre around Snapchat has been lost in recent weeks, but the channel still seems to be gathering users at a rapid pace.

Betfair become the latest brand to experiment

We’ve seen the likes of ASOS dipping their toe into the water of Snapchat in recent times, but in Ireland and the UK, usage of the app for marketing remains limited.

Betfair is the latest to give Snapchat a go. In a pretty obvious overlap for a peer to peer gambling site with rapidly changing odds, Betfair will offer “self destructing” prices to gamblers during a two football games on Saturday. The first 500 customers to follow the specific URL will receive the enhanced odds.

The offer will be extended to anyone following the company’s official Snapchat account, betfairofficial, during the Chelsea versus Everton and Crystal Palace versus Manchester United Premier League fixtures.

Of course, this is hardly revolutionary stuff, and the brand offers similar enhanced odds through Twitter and Facebook, but it’s good to see a new niche platform being embraced. Here’s a screenshot from Krishna De on how the offer looks:

Screenshot via

This ‘first mover advantage’ is also a big P.R. opportunity, and the brand have certainly been making hay on this front, with pieces in Marketing Week, The Daily Telegraph and other high readership publications.

With the biggest gambling festival of the year, Cheltenham, on the way in March, it’ll be interesting to see whether other brands (Paddy Power?) take up the opportunity.

Snapchat opportunities for brands via ‘Stories’

For marketers, the app has widened the opportunity to engage with fans with ‘Snapchat Storries‘. Stories are non self destructing pieces of content that brands can post to their very own Stories section (or feed) of their account. These will be visible by all of the brands ‘friends’.

As ‘The Verge‘ eloquently puts it, Stories don’t disappear ‘in a puff of ephemeral smoke after you’ve watched them. You can watch a friend’s (or your own) Story over and over’. Stories is also a nice simple way to send a snap to your entire friends list.

Mexican food brand Taco Bell also used Snapchat to launch a new burrito last year.

While there’s very little hard facts on usage of the app, anecdotally it’s becoming a real trend for younger smartphone users, and an IPSOS MRBI survey late last year estimated usage at 11% of total respondents.