Links of the Week #3

We’re back with a bang for week three! I mentioned last week that it’d be a big ‘un for social media, and it certainly was. Facebook took up most of the news, with their snap announcement on Wednesday of Timeline, and the scheduled Wednesday evening (GMT) fMC conference, all of which means new adverts, new experiences for consumers, and the “richest, most customizable marketing canvas we’ve (Facebook) ever built”. I also attended two events in Dublin based around the future of journalism (post to come), both of which proved incredibly enlightening, and very worthwhile.

Anyway, here are my links of the week, please give a share if you feel it worthwhile! (I’ve tried not to concentrate too hard on Timeline, as I’m sure you’ve had your fill!)

1: The World’s 50 most innovative companies

If you had to pick one, which would it be? Forbes have done their research. Warning: If you get into this, it may take up 3 or so hours of your time!

2: Coolhunting interview with Colin Harmon of 3FE

I’ve long been in awe of the 3FE. Colin Harmon, a former 9-5 guy like most of us, chose to follow his love of coffee. Entrepreneurial passion, along with a break from Trev and the Bodytonic gang, has seen 3FE turn into a real foodie success story, and one of Dublin’s best coffee houses. I’m by no means a coffee expert (trivia: I had my first cup of coffee in 3FE on the first week it opened!), but the whole experience (baking, coffee, customer service, music and now food) is one to savour and return to, and Coolhunting have picked up on this it seems. Not digital marketing related, but a good read for budding entrepreneurs. Check this Coolhunting post out too.

3: How Three Germans are cloning the web

I wrote a post recently on the copycat model, and the three Sawmer brothers who make up Rocket Industries are the main protagonists of this very lucrative business. As Oliver says: “there are pioneering entrepreneurs and execution entrepreneurs, and maybe we belong more to the execution entrepreneurs”. A must read.

4: Wall Timeline Cheat Sheet

Well come on, i couldn’t ignore it fully now could I?! This Wall UK post is one of the best I’ve seen this week, and gives a good cheat sheet to get you started on Timeline, including how to switch, dimensions, and new opportunities. Try this Hyperarts post too.

5: 100 great infographic links and resources

Information overload! We all love a good infographic, and as an inbound link builder, it can be very effective, which is why I’m interested to see whether more Irish businesses will take up the tool. If you’re thinking about it, this post is a myriad of great resources. Thanks to @nialldevitt for the share!

Bonus Links:

Check out @slkav‘s post on making the most of Timeline on the Simply Zesty blog, this brilliant Sociableblog infographic on creating a social media campaign, and this Wired article on Linkedin’s Reid Hoffman.

Bonus Video:

Check out this Ted Talk from during the week; YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca on why videos go “viral”. Perfect for any of your clients who want a “viral” video with no budget! Allocca begins by saying that any one of us could be internet stars by next Saturday, so make that your goal for the week!